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🚀 Fair Launch has begun! Buy now!!!
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📢 Please do not believe the scammers. All the correct information is on our website. We do not have any other accounts on Telegram.


SUNRISE is a cryptographic project that arises at the beginning of the year 2021, with the main idea of producing cryptoassets through the use of solar energy, based on this foundation the team has been developing an ecosystem that integrates plausible solutions for maximum use of said energy source. The name is a clear fusion of two words "sun" and "rise" that refer to the main foundation of the project.

At SunRise we propose an ecological way to mine cryptocurrencies, drastically reducing the ecological impact on the environment, for this we will use solar energy, a renewable resource that most cryptocurrency mining farms do not take advantage of. We will build the first farm producing cryptocurrencies using 100% solar energy, thus helping the environment, which we hope will become an example for the different farms that prefer to pay high energy costs and further pollute our planet earth.

Due to the above and recognizing the potential that sunlight has, we take advantage of this unlimited natural resource and transform it into electrical energy, activating a cyclical process that starts from sunlight, passing through the solar panels and reaching the accumulators for its turn it into electrical energy, activating the active crypto mining machines and generating a palpable benefit for our holders and the community in general, being this 100% ecological.

The Project

sunmine_logo Tokenomics sunmine_logo

Token Distribution
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Mining Farm Distribution
Holders: 80%
Devs: 19%
Charitable Organizations: 1%

The monthly profit of the solar energy mining farm is subject to variation by the price of Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Buy Taxes
Liquidity: 3%
Marketing: 1%
Buy Back: 3%
Holders: 1%

Sell Taxes
Mining Farm: 7%
Devs: 1%

Official Contract Address:


Our WhitePaper

Our WhitePaper is totally graphic, with the least amount of text possible for easy reading and understanding. So if you want to understand our Project 100%, take a look at our WhitePaper.

WhitePaper : Download


1° Era - SunRise

  • Creation of the SunRise Contract.
  • Website.
  • Launch of the currency in Pancakeswap.
  • 20,000 Members on Telegram.
  • 500,000$ in Liquidity.
  • Marketing.
  • Being listed on CoinGecko.
  • Being listed on CoinmarketCap.
2° Era - Volta

  • 2,000,000$ in liquidity.
  • 50,000 Members on Telegram.
  • 200,000$ for formal company registration, construction plans, licenses and other procedures.
  • Present the plans to the municipality.
3° Era - Moon

  • 5,000,000$ in liquidity.
  • 100,000 Members on Telegram.
  • We will buy materials for construction (including the solar panels).
  • We will begin the construction of the solar powered mining farm.
  • We will upload progress to social networks and the web.
4° Era - Tesla

  • 150,000 Members on Telegram.
  • 10,000,000$ in liquidity.
  • We will buy 500 Antminer L7 from Bitmain.
5° Era - Fritts

  • 200,000+ Members on Telegram.
  • Mining farm completed and machines running.
  • The goal is to appear in the local news, showing the first cryptocurrency mining farm to run on solar energy.
  • SOON.